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About Us

About Zuki Imports, LLC and www.ZukiImports.com

At Zuki Imports, LLC we are committed to bringing you a unique collection of stunning hand-crafted Natural Body Jewelry, Large Gauge Jewelry for Stretched Piercings, Sterling Silver, Gem Stones, Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings and Art. All of our pieces are carefully selected with attention to quality and detail.

We are proud to present items that are created by artisans from around the world who are highly skilled and show a one-of-a-kind style, rather than falling off the assembly line of mass production. All of our products are sourced from small family-run businesses. To bring you the best and save you money, Zuki Imports cuts out middle men and goes straight to the source whenever possible, to personally select pieces we're sure you'll love and appreciate for their extraordinary style and great value.

Our Philosophy

Excellent customer service and ethical business practices are our number one priorities. Without our customers we would be nothing. If we make a mistake on your order, let us know and we will make it right. Without our suppliers we would be nothing. Going directly to the source ensures that the artisans receive fair payment for their talent, skills, materials and time. It also gives us the opportunity to see the working and living conditions of the artisans.

Zuki Imports, LLC has made the life-long commitment to only offer natural materials that have been ethically sourced. For example, our water buffalo horn and bone comes from domesticated animals that are used in rice farming. These animals are so valuable to family farms that it simply does not make sense to sell them off just for their horns and bones. If a family's water buffalo died, the family could starve. That's how important the animal is alive.

We choose woods that are sustainable and safe to be worn in piercings. Bamboo (which is actually a grass), coconut shell & wood, and palm wood are our favorites because they are abundant, fast growing, farmed and most are a byproduct of food sources or furniture making industries.

The shell and pearl products we offer come from shell that has been farmed in ponds, rather than being collected from the sea.

We have also made the life-long commitment to never buy, sell, trade or wear diamonds. For the same classy look at a fraction of the price and zero ethical guilt, we have opted to buy and sell White Zirconium jewelry and other alternatives instead.

Here at Zuki Imports, we are doing all we can to make our world a greener place. We print receipts on 100% post consumer recycled paper. All of our jewelry boxes and fiber fillers are also made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and plastic. Our package cushioning is 100% re-used material that we source from waste streams of local businesses here in our small town.  Our own waste stream all goes to recycling. Our town only has recycling facilities for paper, plastic and metal. Glass recycling facilities are not availble to us locally, so we do not purchase products that come in glass containers.


Zuki Imports, LLC is based in Morgan, Utah. We are a husband-wife team. Our roots are in the high desert mountains of Utah, U.S.A. and the tropical island beaches of Trengganu, Malaysia.

Dawna: Owner, Operator, Importer, Web Master, Customer Service

Azmie: Owner, Operator, Importer, Translator, Photographer, Order Fulfillment

We are a small family run business, working together with other small family run businesses to bring you high quality handmade jewelry.

The other side of our business

We also opperate another website called www.ZukiOutdoors.com, where we offer innovative and eco-friendly outdoor gear, travel accessories and emergency preparedness supplies.  To help balance the jewelry importing we do, our outdoor gear is mostly made right here in U.S.A. (or it has some other majorly redeeming quality such as being solar powered) by companies with high ethical and environmental standards.  We love being involved in the outdoor industry because it is leading the way and setting  a great example for environmentally friendly and "green" manufacturing practices.  These companies and the associations they belong to are also helping to guide our government in designating and preserving wilderness areas and national parks land in the U.S.A. and around the world.
Azmie & Dawna Zukirmi
Lagu Terengganu means Terengganu Song.
Terengganu is Azmie's home state on the east coast of Malaysia.
Check out this rockin' unofficial Terengganu State Song!
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